Monday, September 6, 2010

Personal Pitch

Idea :

My idea for this project is a continuation of my final project from Dynamic Imaging 1. The emphasis for that project was the psychoanalysis of myself done within Cinema 4D and After Effects. The main idea behind this project was to showcase my inner thoughts through the process of automatic drawing and showcase it through a number of techniques taught to me from the class. This project will focus on portraying the seven chakras through a variety of techniques that stem from the idea of automatic drawing, except the emphasis is now on dictating emotion through the history of the chakra, what it means, the mudra that comes with it, the sound, and the colors.

First Project :

The Chakras :

First Chakra :

Name - Muladhara/Adhara/Patala
Main Aspect - Security
Alt. Name - Root Chakra
Location - Base of the spine, between the anus and genitals
Color - Red
Ruling God - Brahma
Ruling Goddess - Dakini
Cosmic Realm - Earth

Second Chakra :

Name - Svadhisthana/Adhishthan/Shaddala
Main Aspect - Sweetness
Location - Lower Abdomen, between navel and genitals
Color - Orange
Ruling God - Vishnu
Ruling Goddess - Rakini Shakti
Cosmic Realm - Astral Plane

Third Chakra :

Name - Manipura/Manipurak/Nabhi
Main Aspect - Lustrous Gem
Alt. Name - Solar Plexus
Location - Between the navel and the base of the sternum
Color - Yellow
Ruling God - Rudra
Ruling Goddess - Lakini Shakti
Cosmic Realm - Celestial Plane

Fourth Chakra :

Name - Anahata/Hritpankaja/Dvadashadala
Main Aspect - Love and Relationships
Alt. Name - Heart Chakra
Location - Center of the chest
Color - Green
Ruling God - Isvara
Ruling Goddess - Kakini Shakti
Cosmic Realm - Balance

Fifth Chakra :

Name - Vishuddha/Kanth Padma/Shodash Dala
Main Aspect - Communication and Self - Expression
Alt. Name - Throat Chakra
Location - Throat
Color - Blue
Ruling God - Ardhvanarisvara
Ruling Goddess - Sakini Shakti
Cosmic Realm - Human Plane

Sixth Chakra :

Name - Ajna/Bhru Madhya/Dvidala Padma
Main Aspect - Perception and Self - Realization
Alt. Name - Third Eye
Location - Between the eyebrows
Color - Purple/Indigo
Ruling God - Shiva
Ruling Goddess - Hakini Shakti
Cosmic Realm - Plane of Austerity

Seventh Chakra :

Name - Sahasrara/Bhru Madhya/Dvidala Padma
Main Aspect - Spirituality
Alt. Name - Crown Chakra
Location - Top Of Your Head
Color - White
Ruling God - Shiva joins with Shakti
Ruling Goddess - Shakti joins here with Shiva
Cosmic Realm - Truth

Chakra System :

The chakra system that I am interested in using for this semester long project is the Hindu chakra system that focuses on seven main chakras within the human body.

Programs :

The programs that I am mostly using for this project is After Effects CS5, the optional programs for this process is Processing, Actionscript 3.0, and OpenFrameworks. If there are some plugins available to assist me that are free then they will be used on my home computer so that the school isn't charged.

References :

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