Monday, September 13, 2010

Chakra Pitch(revised)


The story for the animation that I am proposing for the semester will be a homage to the great Indian tale of Ramayana. For generations the story of Ramayana has been past down through different storytellers all over the world with the base of it revolving around the richness of Indian culture. For me the story would replace the main characters but gain two major figures in the spiritual system in India. To make a brief synopsis about the story, it is about the separation of Krishna and Shakti and the journey Krishna takes to regain the love of his life.

First Act :

The first act of the story deals with what could be considered the everlasting love of Krishna and Shakti. We don't get a back story as to how they met or all of the fluff about why they need to be together. Instead we catch a glimpse of what their relationship is like, once this is felt we are quickly torn from them with Shakti being taken away by a demon down to Earth. Helpless Krishna watches from a far and tries to figure out what he must do to get Shakti back. Krishna becomes a hermit in the heavens and plunges himself into inner sanctuary...which starts to symbolize the yoga positions one goes into to begin meditating. Here we see a major transition of Krishna as he starts to allow himself to be weathered by time until he builds up his courage to go after Shakti.

Second Act:

The second act now follows Shakti during the time where Krishna is left in heavens to consult himself. Here we have a look into what has happened to Shakti since being taken by the demon. Shakti starts to let go of herself as time passes by and that will be shown through the symbols of chakras that are being left behind during the journey from heaven to earth. Shakti holds on for dear life to keep up hope to see Krishna once more but she is so beaten down that she feels that nothing could happen to help her regain her true self. The demon tries his best to consume Shakti with grief and despair but Shakti has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and fights back against him. After being struck down by Shakti the demon dissolves away vowing to come back again. Shakti thankful for her quick action against the demon is relived but is stuck in a place of isolation with no idea of how to get back home to Krishna. She stays like this for a long period of time....which gives the demon the time it needs to regain his power and come in for a second strike. Shakti catches wind of this and lets out a shriek for Krishna to help her.

Third Act :

Upon hearing Shakti's scream reach him in heaven, Krishna awakens from his meditative state and plunges himself off of heaven's edge on to the path that Shakti was taken away on. On the way through the path Krishna gets hints at what Shakti was leaving him for clues of her whereabouts and begins to start the procedure to open up all of the pathways so that Shakti can regain her full strength to take down the demon. Once Krishna finally reaches Shakti and sees what she is up against he calls out to her in one of the mantras about how to defeat it. Together they shed their flesh and go into their spiritual forms of the intertwining snakes and defeat the demon to return back to their kingdom.

Goal :

The goal for this animation is for the viewer to leave the experience having learned about a beautiful story passed down from a rich background of storytellers, but also in some fashion picked up on some of the cultural material that is layered within the piece.

Runtime For Animation :

The runtime for this animation could be from 5 to 20 mins depending on the length of the action scenes and conveying the story not through narration. I want to show the beauty of the story through the action of the characters themselves to show how they can hold up on their own.

References :

Tools :

After Effects
Fabric - Scanned

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