Monday, August 30, 2010

Free Writing - Biggest Sum

This is taken from my blog for Experimental Cinema :

Included in this post are some of my collected thoughts and ideas for the free writing assignment given to us in class. I've been working on things like this for a while but it mostly kicked into high gear during the summer. I usually start off by grabbing my iPod and putting on my playlist of Yo-Yo Ma to get the brain juices flowing. When I am writing especially in this manner I don't necessarily write in any fashion, I kind of explain my process just like I am doing now because it helps to come back to see my mannerisms/style at previous dates. In a way you could call my process a critique of the self. I spend most of my days trapped inside my own head trying to figure out where I am in my life spiritually/mentally. I am surrounded by loads and loads of books that I sit and go through cover to cover every few weeks just searching for an answer, mapping out my brain mentally like it is a hard drive inside of a really old computer.

What stands out the most to me is my constant search for the ultimate question and answer to be brought to me from the great beyond of the universe. I see that everything around me as a purpose and a method to what is being achieved but I feel like I am barely scratching the surface of what can be done. There is just the magnificent battle between researching and actual production that has been my struggle for years on end. I have a brilliant conceptual mind but I can't utilize it because of my overworking of what the process could be thanks to researching. I like how I told myself I have brilliant conceptual mind....all about the affirmations. This is what I have been thinking about off and on, off and on, off and on....etc. This in a way will prepare me for my current life path of going on after art school to medical school to study how to be a holistic doctor.


As far as play went for the class assignments I kind of categorized play in different situations. Play for me was going down to trolley night and helping out with a bake sale, jumping around and listening to some live music while playing the game of how good of a salesperson I may be. Another instance of play came from hanging out with a cat in the apartment named Meeko whom we also dubbed "Hitler". Just all around harassing the living shit out of the cat but he seemed to enjoy every moment of it. Fun times. Play also for me is like how far I can stretch my brain to accept what is going on around me and with my work. I love picking up new reading material and practicing some programming......this has been play for me since I was 13 is fun. I swear it is.

Word List For Semester Project

Here are my word lists that helped me come to the conclusion of my project proposal for the semester. They stem from a free writing assignment from Experimental Cinema which I will post later. Here are the words :












Third Eye


Solar Plexus













Project Proposal

The project that I am proposing to complete for this semester is a continuation of the final project from Dynamic Imaging 1 except that it is taken further. I left off with an abstract piece that was describing myself through different methods of psychoanalysis and now I want to explore myself spiritually through my interpretation of the chakras of the body. There will be seven to eight short pieces hopefully around 1 to 3 mins long for each piece and will have multiple layers of imagery that correspond with what they are. Chakras in essence are energy bodies within our own body that balance who we are. Within the chakras we have over 100+ data banks of information that explain our relationships to every facet of our life. Each chakra has a sound, mudra(spiritual hand position), name, smell, color, etc... So there are a lot to work with that could push these pieces beyond the norm that is being produced out on the market. My weapons of choice would be a combination of After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illlustrator, Photoshop, and hand drawn elements to achieve what needs to happen.

More Information On Chakras :

Schedule For The Semester

Here is my schedule for the semester for my project I am proposing :

August 23 – Classes Began

Aug. 31 – Start gathering assets such as textures.

Sept. 2 – Begin planning out colors, gather more assets, get ready to storyboard.

Sept. 7 – Work on hand drawn elements and have them ready to be put into Illustrator.

Sept. 9 – Begin storyboarding of each segment.

Sept. 14 – Try to have some test sequences done so they can be critiqued for flow and meaning.

Sept. 16 – Continue working on rendering scenes and editing.

Sept. 21 – Gather more assets if there are not enough to convey the meaning and take a step back to view the project as whole. Make a chart of what is possible and what isn’t in the time frame of things.

Sept. 23 – Go back to the drawing board and fix the elements that are not working or enhance the ones that are currently. Really push them to be completed.

Sept. 28 – work/animate

Sept. 30 – work/animate

October 5 – Should be nearing completion on some of the sequences with a critique scheduled to happen.

October 7 – By this time I would like to have at least four of the sequences near completion, if not already completed.

October 11 – 15 – Mid-Term Grading


(October 14 ) – ANIMATING

October 18 – 19 – Fall Break

October 21 – Gathering more material and research if needed, animating/looking for crit of progress

October 26 – Animating

October 28 – Crit on work

November 2 – Animate

November 4 – Animate

November 9 – I should most of my scenes already done and should be looking into figuring out sound for the pieces if I can find it.

November 11 – Doing some revisions and touch ups to make everything look nice and clean

November 16 – Draw and plan out the DVD portion of how this is going to be presented

November 18 – Do some more touch ups and animating

November 23 – If I am done at this point then I should carry on with some experiments with the new features of After Effects and do some more work on the DVD

November 25 – Thanksgiving

November 30 – Going over everything



December 9 – Present my final work and pray that it is awesome

December 17 – Classes End

After Effects CS5 Rotobrush and Mocha

First off I kind of like what Adobe did in that they took their product and made it 64-bit to ultimately utilize all of the processor and RAM speed that they could possibly get out of a project. There is no reason why some of the computers and programs presently don't run 64-bit. I can see how it can be annoying to those whom are still 32-bit users and hate the fact that every program would need to be updated but at least it kind of solves the whole system resource drain. What completely blew my mind is the new Rotobrush feature and how they made it a quick way to basically mask out whatever in your film so editing is easier. WHERE WAS THIS FEATURE WHEN I NEEDED IT A COUPLE SEMESTERS AGO?!?!? I love it and I love what they promised to the user but my main complaint would be functionality because some of features they promised in their other programs simply don't work at all. As far as Mocha I don't know if I would really use this effectively until I had the right content. I am all for improved features including a nice motion blur but I would have to gauge out whatever I was doing so it wouldn't be super cheesy. Once I fully chart out my progress and schedule for the semester I can see what I can do to experiment around a little with it. For now here are a few links that will help explain the features and what they have to offer.

Artist/Tutorial Resource

I am posting up a few links and resources that I feel can help others with After Effects/finding inspiration to produce new pieces. I hope you enjoy.

Artist Resource :

After Effects :