Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revised Act 2

I love the fact the ideas of making the act 2 more about Krishna finding individual pieces of Shakti to bring back to her which are ten times better than anything with him just finding orbs. Right now I am in a fight with myself as to whether the items/pieces of her that he finds are like pieces of armor/clothing for her to use to help her fight off the demon. I also like the idea of finding individual Shaktis in environments that deal with the personality of each of chakras because of the possibility of expanding the story into several different breaks, I just worry about the time frame in getting all of this done. I have some more work to get done with narrowing down the exact small details but I feel using the personality of the chakras as lessons to help him unlock his own is a great idea to add to the depth/lessons of what the chakras are.

Summary :

Act 1 :

Krishna and Shakti have a universal loving bond that they feel can't ever be broken until one day Shakti is snatched from the heavens by a jealous demon whom wants Shakti to himself. Krishna is so depressed by this that he falls into a meditative state since he is scared of fighting the demon. Sadden by this Shakti begins to lose pieces of herself on the journey down towards Earth.

Act 2:

While leaving behind pieces of herself scattered across the Earth plane Shakti must confront her kidnapper. Gathering up the last bit of her strength she fights off the demon and drives him away. The demon vows to come back after Shakti once he is able to regain strength. Breathing a sigh of relief Shakti starts the process of trying to find her way back to Krishna. Shakti spends years looking for the pathway, within this time period the demon is able to regain his powers so he attacks Shakti again. Fearing that she doesn't have the power to defeat him this time she screams out for Krishna's aid. Hearing the cry Krishna is snapped out of his meditative state and rushes downward to find her. Along the way Krishna meets multiple Shakti's that have been pulled out her original self, and he solves their problems so that he can bring them back to Shakti. Every time he solves a puzzle from the other Shakti's he gets a piece of element that each chakra represents.

Act 3 :

Upon finishing the last puzzle he comes across Shakti whom is running around from the demon. Krishna gives Shakti all of her chakras back so they may evolve into their true spiritual selfs to defeat the demon. They do just that and go back to their home within the heavens to keep a watchful eye on the Earth and continue their everlasting love.

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