Monday, August 30, 2010

Project Proposal

The project that I am proposing to complete for this semester is a continuation of the final project from Dynamic Imaging 1 except that it is taken further. I left off with an abstract piece that was describing myself through different methods of psychoanalysis and now I want to explore myself spiritually through my interpretation of the chakras of the body. There will be seven to eight short pieces hopefully around 1 to 3 mins long for each piece and will have multiple layers of imagery that correspond with what they are. Chakras in essence are energy bodies within our own body that balance who we are. Within the chakras we have over 100+ data banks of information that explain our relationships to every facet of our life. Each chakra has a sound, mudra(spiritual hand position), name, smell, color, etc... So there are a lot to work with that could push these pieces beyond the norm that is being produced out on the market. My weapons of choice would be a combination of After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illlustrator, Photoshop, and hand drawn elements to achieve what needs to happen.

More Information On Chakras :

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