Monday, August 30, 2010

After Effects CS5 Rotobrush and Mocha

First off I kind of like what Adobe did in that they took their product and made it 64-bit to ultimately utilize all of the processor and RAM speed that they could possibly get out of a project. There is no reason why some of the computers and programs presently don't run 64-bit. I can see how it can be annoying to those whom are still 32-bit users and hate the fact that every program would need to be updated but at least it kind of solves the whole system resource drain. What completely blew my mind is the new Rotobrush feature and how they made it a quick way to basically mask out whatever in your film so editing is easier. WHERE WAS THIS FEATURE WHEN I NEEDED IT A COUPLE SEMESTERS AGO?!?!? I love it and I love what they promised to the user but my main complaint would be functionality because some of features they promised in their other programs simply don't work at all. As far as Mocha I don't know if I would really use this effectively until I had the right content. I am all for improved features including a nice motion blur but I would have to gauge out whatever I was doing so it wouldn't be super cheesy. Once I fully chart out my progress and schedule for the semester I can see what I can do to experiment around a little with it. For now here are a few links that will help explain the features and what they have to offer.

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