Thursday, December 9, 2010


The two lectures that I was able to go while still attending a evening class was Margarita Higginbottom and David Clemons.

Margarita Higginbottom :

I went to this one because it was a requirement for my African American Art History course, but that didn't stop me from completely enjoying it. Higginbottom explored the female figure really well through the use of paintings done by an artist in the 1930s, and I especially loved how she related it to African-American history in dealing with their struggles while being a minority in the United States. I don't know how I officially feel about the artist per se that developed the pieces because of his technique of watching people on the street level to get the atmosphere he wanted. It seemed too creepish and cheap for someone to just walk around and capture people and then dub them in some philosophical essence. Other than that I thought that she was very well spoken and knew her subject matter well. I would love to take an art history course with her.

David Clemons :

Clemons by fair seemed like one of the most laid back metalsmiths besides Price that I have ever met. I really loved how he reached far past the whole barrier of being dubbed a black artist, and really talked to the audience about who he truly is. His work was very lovely in fact I remember it being on display at one time downstairs in front of the Sleaze. It is like a wonderful mix of medical research, steampunk, and a hint of minimalism. I think he may have been one of the only visiting artists that took everyone's breath away with how fast he went through his pieces and how he made everything seem like time went by fast. I wanted to know more about his journey as an artist especially his move from the west coast to the slow running side of the south because that transition has to on some level become a culture shock. I am still awaiting word back from him since I started exchanging some emails to pick his brain but other than that I hope they have more artists like him come visit MCA.

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